Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What is This Blog?

My name is Ariel Kalati. At the moment of writing this post, I am seventeen years old. I am in my senior year of high school. And I am taking forever to finish my first non-terrible novel.
I decided to start this blog because I heard that it's good to have a blog in the publishing world. I'm not really that close to the publishing world as of now. The aforementioned novel is close to its ending. Then, editing. And then the very first steps into the publishing world. But I figure, it can't hurt to have a blog already set up so that I can start attracting a following.
Anyway, I suppose I've only got a short strand of your attention left before you leave, so let me do something that's not boring. Um... I read a great lecture today by Neil Gaiman about the importance of libraries. No, that'll make you leave to go read that. Forget I said that!
This is not endearing me to you at all, is it?
All right. Why should you read this blog?
Good question. Really, a good question, because I don't think I'm very interesting. (What am I doing?) Also, I tend to see blogs as a space where I can say anything (as you can probably tell) because I'm used to no one reading them. It's like a journal sans deep dark secrets and real names.
Here, let me try a list format:

1. My own poetry. Which, I know, sounds like the worst thing imaginable- a seventeen-year-old girl's poetry. But it's not bad. Here's a sample. I recommend The Lonely Poet, Statistics Poem 23, Bluebird, Summer Moon, and any other title that catches your eye that is NOT one of the earlier ones.
2. Updates about aforementioned novel. At the moment, the first 22 chapters are here. It's not bad, but I don't recommend it. It's a fantasy novel about aliens, kind of, and the seasons, and how poetry and music reflect humanity.
3. My thoughts on writing and reading. I'll try and include links and pictures and funny stuff to make it more interesting.
4. Book reviews. But they'll most likely be about stuff you've heard about anyway. So even better; it'll be a little fangirling session. Yay!
5. Writing excerpts, again from me. I'm not a terrible writer, though; really, I'm not.
6. Rambles about my life? College apps, senior year, my social life... oh wait, haha.
7. Gosh, I don't know. Maybe I'll do, like, a link-fest. If there's one thing I am well-equipped to do, it is to show you what's on the Internet today.
8. OOH contests and stuff. And surveys and quizzes. And recipes and jokes! What do people like? I'm so bad at making people like me, gah! JUST LOVE ME INTERNET!

Anyway. So that was a train wreck of a post, but I kind of figure no one's going to read this until waaaay in the hypothetical future when this blog becomes, like, a "big thing" and then when people do read this it'll just be kind of a funny memory. Like, "look at the humble beginnings of this great majestic blog." I'm not even trying with the punctuation here.
All right. And let's set up a schedule: I will update twice a week. Sunday for sure, and then any other day when I don't have a... (Gosh it is going to be difficult not using even mild curses or "blasphemy" or whatever; I need to make sure I'm kid-friendly and stuff)... jolly crazy heap of homework. So basically, Sunday posts, and SURPRISE posts! What fun.
I swear, among my writer friends' blogs, this is like the Leira Frank of the blogs. A joke that will make sense to no one. Until I explain it, right now. Leira Frank was my... bad novel that I wrote when I was twelve, while all my writer friends were spewing out genius every time they smashed the keyboard by accident. Yeah. This is that compared to their blogs today.
Anyway, imaginary readers. I hope you're all off marking your schedules for my next blog post, excitedly chattering about how charmingly clumsy I am or whatever.
I'll write more on Sunday.
Ooh, ooh! Aren't blogs supposed to end with a question? Right...

HEY READERS! What are your thoughts on incredibly boring I MEAN FASCINATING blog topics? Post in the comments below!

I didn't even try with this, haha.

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  1. Just found this blog by (hopefully not-super-creepishly) googling you, and yo, Ariel! Get a follow by email button so I can fangirl over your posts!