All My New Experiences

Hi! So, if you're new to this blog, you might be confused sometimes as to what I'm talking about on my Saturday posts when I talk about "new experiences" and "my resolution." I explain all that in this post, but basically the idea is: my New Year's resolution was to seek out a new experience every week and to blog about it on Saturdays.
I figured I should have some place to list what all these new experiences are, so they're all going to be on this page for reference, with the links. (P.S. This started on the second Saturday in January, not the first one, because the first one was only January 3, and I hadn't had a full week of 2015 yet.)

1. January 10: Starting a blog.
2. January 17: Watching two new movies: When Harry Met Sally and The Art of the Steal
3. January 24: DIY Shabbat dinner in my apartment
4. January 31: Seeing the play White Rabbit, Red Rabbit (plus bonus: first college snow day)
5. February 7: Going to a religious Bat Mitzvah and submitting poetry to the SLC Poetry Festival
6. February 14: Performing my poetry at a Harry Potter themed Open Mic, and going to a talk called "The Cosmopolitan Canopy" (plus bonus: watching Lagaan)
7. February 21: Going to a Tu B'Shevat fruit seder and writing my first TCWT Blog Chain post
8. February 28: Going out into Bronxville with my mother (plus bonus: poetry class field trip into the Village and workshop)
9. March 7: Going to a pet store to confront my phobia of birds and then writing a poem about it
10.  March 14: Performing a poem called "Privilege Is" at the first Slam Poets showcase
11. March 21 (no post): Writing my first resume.
12. March 28: Reading the book Unwind by Neal Shusterman.
13. April 4 (no post): Watching Disney's animated movie Hercules for the first time, and eating healthy popcorn.
14. April 11: Hosting my best friend at school for the weekend and going out to Bronxville with her.
15. April 18: Seeing a magnolia tree on my campus.
16. April 25: (post done on a different day) Attending the Sarah Lawrence Poetry Festival.
17. May 2: (post done on a different day) Going to a literary magazine release party, reading at an undergraduate poetry reading, and stopping by spring formal.
18. May 9: Going to the "50 for 50" ArtsWestchester show to see five of the nominated artists perform, from the SLC faculty
19. May 16 (no post): Going to the Wine Library's free sample event to taste cheese and baked goods.
20. May 23: (post done on a different day): Attending religious services for Shavuot.
21. May 30: Having a two-day sleepover at my best friend's house.
22. June 6 (no post, but the following Saturday's post has a paragraph about it): First cooking lesson with Rachel, taught by my mom. We make lemony lentils.
23. June 13 (post done on a different day): Spending one day without going on the Internet.
24. June 20 (no post): Visiting an old Revolutionary War cemetery, and watching the TV show Sense8.
25. June 27 (no post): Helping put together and attending a "Shabbat South of the Border" with the local Chabad.
26. July 4: Starting Camp NaNoWriMo. THIS POST ALSO OVERVIEWS ALL NEW EXPERIENCES BEFORE THIS DATE THAT DID NOT GET A POST, including: March 21, April 4, May 16, June 6, June 20, and June 27.
27. July 11: A weekend trip to Massachusetts, where I saw sites from the American Revolution, swam in Lexington's old reservoir, visited Emily Dickinson's house, and went to the Eric Carle picture book museum.
28. July 18 (post done on a different day): A pizza tour of New York, and a visit to the Hunger Games Exhibition (plus bonus: my best friend visited my grandmother's house for the day).
29. July 25 (post done on a different day): Going to Montclair with my best friend for a day, which included: crepes at a teahouse, exploring a bookstore and an antiques store, touring the art museum, painting plates, having a fancy Italian lunch, visiting a spiritual candle store, and having a vegan dinner. Also, staying at my Write It friend's beach house in Ocean City over the weekend and going to the beach and boardwalk.
30. August 1 (post done on a different day): Going on a Harry Potter themed tour of the Met. I also visited the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia with my dad, which isn't mentioned in the post.
31. August 8 (post done on a different day): Attending the first Ch1Con that sold out the conference room, as well as taking my first flight without a "real" adult.
32. August 15 (no post): My birthday celebration, involving going to Barnes & Noble, getting pizza, and going to Romano's Macaroni Grill.
33. August 22 (no post): Going to the Morgan Library and Museum for Rachel's birthday, as well as going to a chocolate-themed restaurant.
34. August 29: Having a "play date" with Rachel where we relived our childhood. Also, visiting Julia in New York to go to John's Pizzeria.
(After this point, there are going to be less frequent actual blog posts)
35. September 5: Running a table at the Activities Fair for the organization that I co-chair, Spoken Word: Reclaim Your Space. (plus also: class registration as a second year, living in the center of campus, and stuff like that)
36. September 12: Attending an ice cream mixer at my school's safe space for people of color, and a pizza lunch at our spiritual space.
37. September 19: Going to a showing of the Midnight Cabaret, an acting/music/dance group on my campus.
38. September 26: Finishing the second draft of The Wishmaker.
39. October 3: Went to a pizza event at the sukkah on my campus.
40. October 10: Going apple-picking with my sister and her friends at a new farm.
41. October 17: Going apple-picking with my school and getting hot apple cider and doughnuts... and seeing it snow while on an apple orchard for autumn! Also: ordering pizza online.
42. October 24: Went to the Dead Poets Slam on my campus.

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