Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Play, A Snow Day, and (Not) Mockingjay

Well, this has been a week full of disappointments. Sorry to start off on a negative note like that but, wow.
First was Sunday, when I went to what was called "A Very Potter Tea Party." Or, at least, I went to the pub, where I had read that an event called "A Very Potter Tea Party" was occurring. But naturally, there was no such event. Not even the slightest hint that it had happened or was going to happen.

Next was the very underwhelming "blizzard" of Monday and Tuesday. That was less of a disappointment, and that, I would say, is one of my new experiences of the week. Now I'm not really sure how this resolution is going to work, exactly, but I think that the only new experiences that should really count are ones that I seek out for myself, not ones that are sort of thrust upon me. So no class field trips or family vacations count for my new experience of the week. And neither does an event that I only experienced because of the weather. Nevertheless, I think that even though they don't "count," I can still write about them here because you know, why not. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out this post.)

So my first new experience of the week was my very first Sarah Lawrence snow day (Sarah Lawrence being the college I go to). In the middle of poetry class Monday morning, one of my classmates announced that she had just gotten an email saying that all classes after 3 pm Monday were cancelled, and Tuesday was going to be a full-on snow day. This was pretty exciting for me, seeing as my next class of the day was at 3:30. After poetry, I got a salad for lunch (don't think that this is some sort of regular occurrence for me- I guess I just got swept up in the celebratory mood and decided to be nice to my body for once) and then went straight to my apartment to sit my butt down on the bed and watch Pushing Daisies for several hours.
The panic over "Snowmaggedon" led hordes of students down to the convenience store, where I too went because it was a nice excuse to buy too much chocolate. Then I stationed myself in my room to eat said chocolate and listen to the howling wind outside.

After the snow day, I had two pretty busy days. Wednesday I had a morning full of meetings and homework, and an afternoon full of classes and Ch1Con online stuff. Thursday I had a cozy afternoon in the teahouse on my campus, doing French homework, and then class, before I headed off to my official New Experience of this week.
Unfortunately, I can't tell you anything about this new experience. It was a play, staged by a student-run theater company at my school, and when I entered the small black room where it was being held, one of the producers informed the audience that we were to tell anyone who asked that we had seen a beautiful rendition of A Streetcar Named Desire. But I've already cheated on this rule three times in telling people about the play, and so I'll cheat one more time and tell you its name: White Rabbit, Red Rabbit. Absolutely mind-shaking play- I really recommend it. It's very cool and experimental, so if you're into that sort of thing: see it.

After the play, I went to an Open Mic run by my school's Hillel (that means "Jewish club"). There was free pizza and great singers and funny comedy acts, which was good. But after the Open Mic I thought that, due to the biting cold and falling snow, I would take a shuttle back to my dorm, rather than braving the long walk. 40 minutes of waiting later, I gave up on the shuttle and angrily stomped back to my dorm on my numb legs.

Yesterday was fine, and today I went out to finally go see Mockingjay: Part 1. Yes, I still haven't seen it, because I am cheap and lazy and not much for going to movie theaters. But my college's Activities Council was playing it for free tonight, and since I do like the Hunger Games, I thought I'd finally go see it. But surprise, surprise: another disappointment. Evidently the movie had been cancelled, or the people running it forgot about it, because no one was there. Another girl had shown up hoping to see the movie, and she called some people she knew who were supposed to run it, but they didn't answer. So I trudged back through the cold night to my dorm, where I am now, writing about a snow day, a play, and (NOT) Mockingjay.

Oh well. Being let down sucks, but it's the sacrifice you have to make sometimes for new experiences, and new, exciting experiences are worth it. Like seeing a great play or getting free pizza.

Hopefully, next week I'll have an experience that I can actually tell you about.
See you on Wednesday for a regular post!


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  1. Isn't being disappointed twice in one week about things you really love, yet rising about it with good humor, a new experience? :-)