Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Enjoyable Stuff I've Seen on the Internet Lately

Hi! So I'm not in the mood for a proper blog post so I'm just going to do one on the only thing I've really done this past... entire lifetime of mine, which is go on the Internet and find stupid stuff. This week, much like every week, the Internet has been filled with all sorts of ridiculous nonsense, but instead of focusing on that, I'm just going to pick out the enjoyable stuff and provide some links for you. (We can safely assume I got nearly all this stuff from Tumblr recommendations.) Here we go:

-There is at least one food-related holiday in America for every single day of the year. This website tells you almost all of them. So if you need an excuse to eat a food, just check what food day it is.

-Generate your own map on this website. Useful for making up fantasy worlds for books and stuff, or just for fun.

-Hang out on Google Street View at fun places like the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal with this list of direct links to those locations. (This is a link to when I reblogged the post on my Tumblr, since the original post has disappeared.)

-A set of calming gifs. Warning that the link has music that automatically plays when you click it.

-A photoset of animals in teacups!!!

-This little cartoon has food with a bunch of faces on it. When you hover over different things, they make noises and sing songs and stuff. It's super fun.

-Hank Green breaks down where all our college tuition is going. Pretty interesting.

-This is from more than a month ago (but so is a lot of this stuff haha) but I never got to share it and I like it so here it is: a Superwoman video I really like called "I'm Not Sorry."

-This short comic is vitally important.

-And finally: Have you ever wondered what cheese is perfect for your Zodiac sign? Wonder no more.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully next week I'll have a real post.

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  1. Oh Thank You SO MUCH. As if it is not bad enough that YOU waste your brain cells on the internet, now you corrupt everyone else to do so as well.
    But at least I now have new places to procrastinate at when I run out of BF....