Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Harry Potter Fan Art

This is like my tenth time trying to make this post work and I might strangle Google. What? Nothing. Some announcements: This was meant to be my Saturday post, it's my Wednesday post instead, no post this Saturday because I'll be at Ch1Con, normal blogging will resume next Wednesday, if Google deigns to allow it.
OK U KNOW WHAT GOOGLE? YOU KNOW WHAT? I give up. I just wanted to show my lovely readers some nice Harry Potter fan art, but no. No. You won't allow it. FINE. I DON'T NEED YOU ANYWAY.

here's the post? what why is this a link

Hey! So I didn't do my Saturday post yesterday because I was on vacation with my family, but I'm doing it today because I'm back home. My new experience this week was going to the Met for a Harry Potter tour. IT WAS SO COOL AND AMAZING AAAHHH. Basically it's seeing different works of art and artifacts that are connected to Harry Potter, for example sculptures of the Greek myths that inspired many of the names/stories, ancient Egyptian magic wands, etc. We also got house points on the tour (Slytherin won, obviously. Well, we tied with Hufflepuff because of this Hufflepuff kid who was smart). 
Anyway. So I thought I'd do a post about Harry Potter and art and what better way to combine the two than to showcase some of my favorite Harry Potter fan art? I see a lot of HP fan art on Tumblr and I thought I would share it here. Please note: I'm adding links to the original posts and to the artists' pages so that you can reblog any works you like on your own blog if you have one, or so that you can browse their other work/share their pages with friends if you really like it. I'm not trying to take credit for anyone else's work. I'm also going to put the artist's caption of what the piece is if I can. (also... I added some titles... they aren't the real titles. Most of these don't have actual titles)

I can't put the pictures I don't think, so here are links to the original fan art. Don't worry, none of them are inappropriate or NSFW or whatever. Just cute pictures of Harry Potter, a world where there is no Blogger, or Google, or anything.


sorry this post is so disastrously formatted and I didn't say what the links are. The words keep moving around because Google hates me.
I know this looks like a shady bunch of links to drug dealers because they just say "Link" in different fonts but it's really just a bunch of cute Tumblrs.

Anyway. Hope this blog works next week, when I return. See you then!


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