Monday, November 16, 2015

14 Minor Differences Between Things in the Life of a Writer

This post is going to be very gif-heavy. Particularly gifs from Parks and Rec. Sorry about that, or alternately, if you love Parks and Rec, you're welcome about that.

So, I decided to do a fun post this week, about writing, to keep with the NaNoWriMo spirit. I based it off of the "Minor Differences" series from the comic The Oatmeal. Basically, they're little funny comics about minor differences in life that are actually major differences: grocery shopping while full vs. grocery shopping while hungry, microwaving butter for 13.1 seconds vs. microwaving it for 13.2 seconds, etc. This post is going to be like those, only focusing on writerly experiences. Also, instead of drawing original comics, I'm going to be using gifs I found on the Internet.

Hope you enjoy them! Sorry that Parks and Rec is so prevalent here, again; it's a little bit my entire life and existence now. :) I also apologize in advance for the super weird spacing. Blogger isn't fond of gifs.

1. Writing when you have writer's block:

Writing when you're inspired:

2. Opinions on NaNoWriMo on November 1:

Opinions on NaNoWriMo on November 20th:


3. What your Pinterest board about books is like:

What your bookshelf in real life is like:

4. Twelve year olds commenting on your first draft online:

Adults commenting on your first draft in real life:

5. Doing research for school projects:

Doing research for your book:

6. Cutting stuff when you edited your first book:

Cutting stuff when you edit now:

7. Who your favorite character in your own book should be:

Who your favorite character actually is:

8. Critiquing your classmate's manuscript:

Critiquing your friend's manuscript:

9. How readers feel when you kill a character:

How you feel when you kill a character:

It's fun being the Dark Lord.

10. How you react out loud to someone younger than you getting an agent:

How you feel inside:

 11. Diversity in the real world:

Diversity in popular books:

12. Using the word "said" in your writing like a normal person:

Using ridiculous synonyms instead:

13. Outlining a scene:

Writing that scene:

14. Writing a blog post about writing:


Actually writing:

Thanks for reading! That took a lot of maneuvering around the demon that haunts my computer to put together (it doesn't like gifs) so I really hope you like it, haha.
See you next week,

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  1. I'm not even a writer and I LOL'd about most of these.