Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Eco Poetry About Spring

Hello! Sorry for the late post. (No excuse, just laziness, as usual).
A while back I posted a collection of my eco poetry, poetry I write about nature for my class, shockingly named Eco Poetry. Well, I thought I would update with some of the latest poetry I've been writing because of the change in seasons. It's spring now and my campus is beautiful. Look:

(Not my picture- it's from the college's Facebook. Possibly I'm not allowed to take it? Oh well)

Anyway, as part of my project about the seasons, I've written a lot of poetry about spring, and I thought I would share it with you. I hope you like it!


such-vodka:calm rainy day hereWater Returning

Drink up!
Up into the leaves,
where snap- snap- snap,
you break each molecule in two.
Snap, snap, snap,
I rain
out in the parking lot.
More like fire
in the woods,
on the old dead leaves.
Wake up!
What a thing to hear
when you come out of dormancy,
the pouring of clouds,
trickling down
for you to take.
After the frozen, freezing turmoil,
to see me liquid again-
how do you trust all winter
that I will return?


Simcha raba, simcha raba,
Aviv higiya, Pesach ba.
Let yourself be filled with joy- spring has arrived!
Spring has arrived and we are free.
The seeds have reached aviv-
they are waking up at last. Filling up with starch. It isn’t cold anymore.
The air is like dreams rising up out of your head in the morning
and taking shape.
Like the buds on the trees. The branches are grey,
grey as the sky, and just as full of hope and water.
Out in the woods, I bow my head to the princess of dogwoods.
I see the wild color hidden in the buds of her thin branches-
soon to burst into bloom.
I feel like I could burst into endless flowers
here in my forest. I am a seed of spring, aviv,
under the silverly dripping sky.
Out of the dead brown ground is growing sharp green grass.
The autumn and winter make way
for the parade of perennials. A little ways further into the woods,
as violet as the center of a flame, are violets. Violets!
“Hello again. How was your sleep?” I ask.

thelivingwiccan:pollymay:musical-chan:pilgrimkitty:discovereternity:Forget me notMy favorite thing about Forget-Me-Nots is that they change color depending on the acidity of the soil so you can get pink or purple ones growing right next to the blue ones.Pretty!These are my favourite flowers.Forget-me-nots also change colour after they become pollinated. It’s a sign to the insects to keep moving, and not to waste time there.So a blue forget-me-not, once it’s been pollinated, may change to a pale pink to a white colour; which is another reason for such stark colour variations in small areas.
Spring Said

I am the waking mass
under the shifting earth. I
come up through a thousand trees.
Soft pastel blooms,
wind sends ‘em strewn.
Through bird lungs I croon.
Listen to me,
open your winterclogged head.
I am more
than the gentle touch of morning.
Sun-beat strong,
meet me coming up through soil
like syrup- or a knife.
Can you hear me
twist myself into the wind?
And as a bonus: SPRING KITTY!
tamorapierce:The cats were the first to love cherry blossom season
I hope you enjoyed all these spring poems! I loved writing them. And this coming Monday, I'm going to be presenting them to my class. After a year of research and writing, I'm finally putting everything together by taking my class out into the woods and doing an outdoor poetry reading + mini-lesson about the seasons. It's going to be fun! (But nerve-wracking! But fun nonetheless.)
Tomorrow, I'm going to have a bonus post here on this blog, for the TCWT blog chain, so be sure to check back in for that. I'll update Facebook and Twitter in case you forget. :)
Thanks for reading!
P.S. Photo credits go to Joanna Sadie Lue Bettelheim for the SLC pic, this person on Tumblr for the spring kitty, this person on Tumblr for the rain gif, and as far as I can tell this person on Tumblr for the forget-me-nots. Although you can never really tell with Tumblr.