Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Which Type of Pizza Are You?

Hey! So you may have noticed (if you keep up loyally with the blog) that I skipped my Saturday post. Well, I'm making up for it today!

What was my new experience, you ask? Something supremely amazing. I went on a... this was so good, you need to be prepared. I went on a PIZZA TOUR. A pizza tour of New York! I went with my best friend Rachel (of a-lot-of-other-blog-posts fame), my friend Julia from Ch1Con, and Camryn, who I know from Twitter. We got to eat at three amazing pizzerias and learn SO MUCH about the history and science of pizza. Super, super awesome and interesting. Scott's Pizza Tours- I totally recommend it.

After that we went to see the Hunger Games exhibition- less cool, because no pizza, but still pretty fun. And then we all went home. It was glorious and a great day.

Anyway, so my post about this is going to be fun, I hope: I'm doing a personality quiz so you can find out what type of pizza you are. We tasted three types of pizza on our tour: Neapolitan, New York style, and Sicilian. There are many other types of pizza in the world but I'm focusing on those three because I don't know many others outside of Chicago deep-dish, and that's not actually pizza as we all know.

The quiz will basically be questions with A, B, or C. Write down all the letters you pick and then at the end, tally them up and see which one got the most, and you'll see which pizza you are!

1. What's your idea of a relaxing Sunday?

A. Chill on the couch in your pajamas and watch reruns of your favorite TV show.
B. Go on a spa day and visit an art gallery.
C. Practice your guitar-playing skills while hanging out with your friends in a park.

2. If you entered the Hunger Games, what would be your tactic to survive?

A. Hide out in trees and use your knowledge of nature to your advantage.
B. Make alliances and then betray your allies when you kill them.
C. Run from the cornucopia first thing and fashion your own weapons and survival tools.

3. Which Harry Potter character are you most like?

A. Hermione Granger- you're smart enough to adapt in a new world
B. Minerva McGonagall- you're old fashioned but when people get to know you, they like you
C. Luna Lovegood- you're weird but that's what makes you great

4. Of these options, what are you most likely to order at Panera Bread?

A. Creamy Tomato soup with a baguette
B. A healthy Tomato Mozzarella Flatbread
C. A Lentil-Quinoa Broth Bowl

5. Pick one of the following as your new Twitter user name or Tumblr URL. (Or MySpace name or whatever you do, I don't know). (Also imagine they're not all as terrible as I made them haha)

A. Friendly_and_Fun
B. Classychic
C. The-Weird-One

6. If you had to own a cute store in a small town, which would you prefer to own?

A. A good bakery
B. A homemade teashop
C. A tattoo parlor

7. What Taylor Swift song would you pick to listen to right now?

A. "Shake It Off"
B. "Love Story"
C. "Blank Space"

8. Pick a common scented candle scent.

A. Apple Cinnamon
B. Fresh Linen
C. Coconut Lime

9. Which of the following animals would be your Patronus?

A. Friendly dog
B. Aloof cat
C. Cute hedgehog

10. What toppings do you usually get on your pizza?

A. Pepperoni if you're not kosher/vegetarian, olives if you are
B. Nothing, except maybe a sprinkling of garlic and oregano
C. Something weird like pineapple

11. Which of these sounds like a Halloween costume you might wear?

A. A superhero from the Avengers
B. A traditional witch
C. Peeves the Poltergeist

12. Who was your favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, besides Lupin, the obvious fave?

A. Mad-Eye Moody (well, "Moody")- you like how to-the-point he was
B. Quirrell- he stuck to the curriculum
C. Gilderoy Lockhart- he was different

13. Which of the following musicals do you think would be fun to see live? (Note that I do not know a lot about musicals, so do not come after me, musical theater fandom).

A. The Sound of Music
B. Chicago
C. The Phantom of the Opera (is that a musical even? I told you I know nothing)

14. You just won a vacation! You can pick one of the following destinations. Which one?

A. A week at Disney World in Florida
B. A tour of southern Italy
C. A hiking trip in the fields of Ireland and Scotland

15. Which of these classic books do you like best?

A. To Kill a Mockingbird- it's easy to read and it's an American classic
B. Pride and Prejudice- so classy but it's funny at the same time
C. Lord of the Flies- you love how edgy it is

16. Which of the following is your favorite social network?

A. Facebook- everyone goes on it and it's easy to keep up with your circle of friends!
B. Twitter- you love the simplicity of 140-character tweets!
C. Tumblr- there's just so much weird stuff!

17. Pick a TV show to binge-watch.

A. How I Met Your Mother (easy-to-watch comedy show)
B. Downton Abbey (historical drama)
C. Orange is the New Black (comedy-drama about a women's prison)

18. What's your favorite of the five senses?

A. Sight
B. Taste
C. Smell

19. Which of these artists do you like best?

A. Norman Rockwell
B. Claude Monet
C. Leonardo da Vinci

20. Why do you like pizza?

A. It's the ultimate comfort food.
B. It's the ultimate food, period. Perfect ingredients coming together in the best way.
C. To be honest I'm just a fan of carbs and fat.

OK, time to tally up your score!

Mostly As: New York style pizza
You're a classic, but you're also easy to love. You're not too set in your ways but you do like doing things that feel familiar. You're pretty easy-going and like comfort.

Mostly Bs: Neapolitan pizza
You are very traditional. You value simplicity, as long as that simplicity translates to quality and good experiences. You like the finer things in life.

Mostly Cs: Sicilian pizza
You're a bit of a rebel, but not just weird for the sake of being weird. You like to put a twist on something that's already good. You're different from others in many ways, but where it counts, you have a lot of similarities with other good people.

Well, I'm super tired, so I don't know if that made any sense. I'm not saying that's the sort of pizza you should eat, but in my eyes I guess it would match your personality. Anyway. Pizza's great, is the point I'm trying to make.

Thanks for reading! See you Saturday,

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  1. Well I got 10 B's and 7 C's but I feel I am more of a C than a B. Does that make sense?