Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Few of the Ways I Managed to Procrastinate This Week

So, I'm super tired, and it's almost 11 right now and I've been putting this off for hours so whatever. This post is not going to be great.
This past week was "conference week" at my school. This is like finals week but instead we do big research papers. So it's been stressful. I imagine the rest of you college students and some high school students too have been suffering through finals and stuff too. And probably, you guys procrastinated as well.
So, what are the different ways to procrastinate? You think you've done them all? Ha ha ha, no. I've done them all, and it's pretty horrifying. Here are some of the more unique ones from this past couple of weeks:

1. Go through every Buzzfeed Food article and make a list of every intriguing food-related word in them. Then alphabetize the list.
2. Write streams of consciousnesses based on songs.
3. Make playlists for every possible imaginable mood.
4. Make a list of every ship I have for every fandom, then search those ships on Tumblr and save the first good fan-art of them I see to a folder on my desktop.
5. List Parks and Rec gifs that relate to my current situation.
6. Make a list of 25 things that you can list- like types of trees, spices, gemstones, etc. For each of those things, list 25. Then, look for them on Google Images and pick the artsiest photo.
7. Go to your list of every song you know (an obvious thing you would have from previous procrastination adventures) and pick out all the words from all the song titles and put them in alphabetical order.
8. Go to your Tumblr, or whatever social media account you have. On page 1 of it, imagine that your seventh-grade self is looking at it. On page 2, imagine your eighth grade self is looking at it. Etc.
9. List Parks and Rec episodes that will likely make you cry. Then watch them.
10. In fact, go ahead and watch the last episode of each Parks and Rec season, imagining that season one Leslie is watching them with you. Wow. She's come so far. *wipes away another tear*
11. Try and come up with words that start with every letter of the alphabet that would make an interesting theme for a room. Now, come up with words that start with aa, ab, ac, etc, through to zx, zy, zz, if those exist.
12. Plot out a musical based on Steven Universe.
13. Even better, write out all the lyrics to all the Steven Universe songs and come up with words that start with every single letter in every single song.
14. Might as well do a sing-along in your room to all the songs, too.
15. Take Parks and Rec trivia quizzes. Laugh at how easy they are, because you've seen every episode a thousand times at this point and know everything. ...Everything.

That's besides the usual procrastination... binge-watching my favorite shows, checking Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr, taking Buzzfeed quizzes and reading Buzzfeed articles, searching Tumblr tags, reading way too much fan fiction, having an existential crisis, crying, giving speeches about the beautiful relationships in Avatar: the Last Airbender in the shower, and returning to websites I haven't been on in years just to see how they're doing.
And crying.

I hope that wasn't too boring. I couldn't think of anything else to write about, haha. But... good news! Despite all my procrastination, I finished all my conference papers! All I have left to do is pack my stuff, go to my last class tomorrow, and then I'm DONE FOR THE SEMESTER!
OK, sleep time now. :)

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  1. Mine are much simpler: Play age of empires, as a Hitite, vs 7 computer players, and win X time in a row... X depends on how much I want to procrastinate :-).
    See you home soon!