Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Me Complaining, Interspersed with Cute Animals

Hello all. I couldn't think of anything good to write about today, so I decided to just complain.

Yesterday, I wanted to get a cup of tea. I like tea. It is good. I went to the teahouse on my campus and ordered a spiced plum tea to go. Sounds delicious, right. I then realized this cup of tea was filled to the absolute brim. I wanted to put honey in it, because I cannot enjoy even fruity tea without an extra sweetener. I also wanted to make the tea process quick so that I could head to my French class which was in 20 minutes. Because of said French class, I was holding a book, that I was reviewing last-minute for the quiz we had that day. Can you guess what happened next?

Let's take a break from the complaining:

OK, back to complaining: I attempted to spill out some of the tea. The presence of the book and the fact that I was holding the cup precariously over the garbage can led to boiling hot tea spilling all over my hands. And the floor and stuff. I cleaned the floor and valiantly actually put honey in the tea, then I picked up all my stuff and left. Then the pain kicked in. Then I Googled "how to take care of first degree burns." Then I went to a nearby sink and ran cold water over my hands. Then I cried a lot. Then I went to health services, still crying, and said in that horrible I'm-totally-not-crying-to-you-dear-complete-stranger voice, "Uh... hi... I spilled this tea on my hands, burned myself, can you help?"

Oh what's this? A kitten?

So, I did not get to take my French quiz, and now I have to make it up tomorrow, in addition to going to French class. Also, it's conference week (that's like finals week, only instead of finals, we write giant research papers) so that's great. Also, I'm exhausted and my throat hurts. Also, I have gross and painful burns on my hands (turns out some of the burns were second-degree, not first-degree), so it is difficult to do anything. Did you know that you need your hands to do most basic tasks?

WAIT is this kitten snuggled up inside a BOOT yes it is:

Anyway, that's about the end of my complaining. I want to hear your complaints in the comments, because it is a stressful time of year and I need to have more people join me in the complaining void. Now I'm going to go back to my eternal suffering. (Aka, easy, good life that had a cup of boiling tea poured on it)

also... hello small puppy


 See you next week, when I'll still be in conference week hell. So, I don't know. Definitely see you in two weeks with a real post ideally?

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