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Which Member of the Ch1Con Team Are You?

(First, a note for my few regular blog readers: yeah, I haven't updated my blog in a month, I know. Combination of conference week nightmares and angst over TV shows and angst over books. Luckily none of you are too like super-dependent on this blog so... if you want a personal apology, I guess, ask me? I feel the need to apologize?)

Hello all!!! Can you believe that we're only LESS THAN THREE MONTHS AWAY from Chapter One Young Writers Conference? I can't!

What is Chapter One Young Writers Conference, you ask? Oh, only the highlight of my year. (If I sound like a 1950s salesman, it's because I actually turn into a 1950s salesman every time this conference is brought up). Ch1Con, as it's usually abbreviated, is the only conference BY young writers and FOR young writers, aka, it's an experience for young writers that isn't totally condescending to them because, you know, the people running it are also young. "Young" is loosely defined as age 11 to 23, and the conference is basically a one-day super-fun experience of learning serious stuff about writing tips, the publishing industry, and how to hang out and make real live friends with other people your age who legitimately love writing as much as you do. Seriously- I suck at socializing and I have made friends through this conference.

(Oh, and we have speakers who are actual Important Publishing People: New York Times bestselling author Susan Dennard, acclaimed YA author Francesca Zappia, and young authors Jennifer Yu and Jordan Villegas, whose books are coming out sometime in the future. You can read more about them on the Ch1Con website and in their other interviews. They are talented, cool people, I promise.)

The conference takes place in Chicago- this year on Saturday, August 6 in St. Charles, Illinois. Registration is currently open on the Ch1Con website (where you will also find links to all the other amazing posts in the blog tour) for the early bird admission price of $74.99 until June 1. It is really, honestly, so worth it, but even if you can't make it to the conference this year, Ch1Con holds events online year-round that are also super awesome, on our various social media accounts.

Anyway, so for my contribution to the Ch1Con blog tour, I decided to make a personality quiz! The members of the Ch1Con team are all so cool and often under-appreciated, so this quiz will tell you: Which Member of the Ch1Con Team Are You? To be clear, I'm not claiming to peer into the souls of my fellow team members, so I hope you guys aren't too mad if I misrepresent your personalities. This is just meant to be a fun quiz to show everyone what a bunch of writerly nerds run this conference. :)

QUIZ INSTRUCTIONS: I didn't want each question to have eight options, so each question has four options and the letters will be weirdly mixed up. Tally up how many of each letter you get, and then check the answer that corresponds to which letter you got most. (You might get a tie. I don't know. I'm not a professional quiz maker.) (I just checked it and I believe that the most that'll happen is you'll get a three-way tie. But I suck at math, so who knows)

1. If you could own a restaurant, which restaurant would you own?
A- A French bakery that sells a lot of dishes with cheese.
B- A comfort food store with a frozen yogurt section.
C- A pizzeria. That's it. Pizza
D- A restaurant that's half a bookstore, actually

2. What is your favorite part about being a writer?
E- Getting to have critique partners so you can insult their writing
F- All the networking parts- marketing, social media, understanding the industry
G- Worldbuilding! It's so much fun
H- Creating romances and ships in your book

3. What is the best compliment someone could give you?
A- All your hard work is appreciated.
B- Not only you're a good writer, but you're also a good friend
G- You are both talented and introspective
H- You're funny and kind at the same time

4. If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be?
E- A spider or some other cool creature
F- A meaningful quote about books
C- Something Harry Potter related, most likely
D- Maybe something to do with your fandoms, or with libraries

5. Choose a nickname for Harry Potter.
A- The Boy Who Lived
B- The Chosen One
E- The Heir of Slytherin
F- The next Minister of Magic

6. Pick a young adult series that represents you.
C- Harry Potter, because it's so full of magic and sarcasm
D- Percy Jackson, because friendship, mythology, and humor!
G- Daughter of Smoke and Bone, because it's full of fantasy and love
H- His Dark Materials, because it has cute animals and great ships and friendships

7. Which mythical creature most represents you?
A- Loch Ness monster but it's actually friendly
F- Sphynx
C- Dragon
H- Satyr, who is also friendly. But mainly because it's part goat

8. Which regular animal most represents you?
E- Do microbacteria count as animals? No, but you're gonna choose microbacteria anyway
B- A grumpy, lovable cat
G- Monarch butterfly
D- A puppy

9. Pick a pasta dish to eat
A- Mac and cheese
G- Mushroom ravioli
D- Spaghetti with red sauce and lots of Parmesan
F- Vegetable noodles

10. What punctuation mark is your favorite?
E- Nothing fancy. Just use regular punctuation, honestly.
B- Quotation marks, because you like talking to other people
H- Exclamation points, to represent intense emotions in your characters

11. Which character from Shrek most represents you?
F- Mirror, because you're smart and you know all the trends
B- Fiona, because you're an independent, awesome feminist
C- Shrek... because you like being alone in your swamp
D- The giant gingerbread man because you are very sweet but also ready to fight

12. Which of the four seasons best represents you?
G- Autumn
H- Spring
A- Summer
E- Winter

13. If you had to go back in time to visit a historical period, which one of these would you choose?
A- Shakespeare's lifetime
B- The women's suffrage movement
C- The Italian Renaissance
D- The Roaring Twenties

14. What bothers you most about young adult literature?
E- When characters are such obvious, annoying cliches
F- The lack of diversity and representation
G- When adult authors ignore the needs of teen readers
D- Queerbaiting and other stuff authors do that is cruel to marginalized fans

15. Pick your favorite Greek god/goddess from the list below
E- Hades
F- Hermes
G- Artemis
H- Hestia or Demeter

16. Pick an adjective to describe yourself from the list below.
A- Determined
B- Empathetic
C- Creative
H- Friendly

17. Which of the following pastries most represents your personality?
E- Poison. Just kidding. Chocolate cake. That's poisoned.
B- Nutella mug cake.
G- A cinnamon roll.
D- Lemon poppyseed muffin

18. And finally, the most important question of all: which Panera Bread dish are you?
A- Panera baguette
C- Garden vegetable soup with pesto
G- Mediterranean Quinoa salad
H- Grilled cheese

Tally up your answers and see who you are!

MOSTLY A'S- Founder Julia Byers
You're the founder of Ch1Con, Julia Byers! Julia works so hard every day to keep this conference up and running and still maintains her sunny personality. Her personality is primarily made up of cheese, bread, and young adult literature. If you got this answer, you must be a fun, smart, determined young writer!

MOSTLY B'S- Master of Marketing Kira Brighton
You're Ch1Con's master of marketing, Kira Brighton! Kira is fantastic at all things to do with the written word. She loves cats, TV shows, and sappy romances. If you got mostly B's, you probably like to stay inside and eat snacks while fangirling and hissing at anyone who tries to disrupt your cocoon. Still, you are a wonderful and lovable friend to all.

MOSTLY C'S- Associate Online Administrator Ariel Kalati
You're the associate online administrator, aka ME! Ariel does the occasional thing or two for Ch1Con while mostly making sarcastic comments and eating pizza. If you got this answer, this probably means that you enjoy food, Harry Potter, and doing a whole lot of nothing. Congratulations!

MOSTLY D'S- Tumblr Expert Emma Ryan
You're the Tumblr expert of Ch1Con, Emma Ryan! Emma is a friendly, sunshiney, awesome person who loves shipping and fandoms! In addition to that, she runs Ch1Con's Tumblr and always contributes fantastic thoughts about the book world to our events. If you got this answer, you are probably outgoing, fun, and interesting, and love reading more than anything.

MOSTLY E'S- Chief Creative Consultant Molly Brennan
You're Ch1Con's chief creative consultant, Molly Brennan! Molly loves science, mainly so she can threaten to use her scientific knowledge to poison others. She's incredibly smart, has a dark sense of humor, and loves to criticize others' writing. If you got this answer, you are probably clever, funny, and a little bit evil.

MOSTLY F'S- Marketing Consultant Patrice Caldwell
You're the marketing consultant of Ch1Con, Patrice Caldwell! Patrice is a professional genius who knows everything about the publishing world. She gives excellent advice about marketing and is a generally awesome person. If you got this answer, you are probably smart, hardworking, and have lots of opinions about books that you share with the world all the time.

MOSTLY G'S- Creative Consultant Christina Li
You're one of Ch1Con's creative consultants, Christina Li! Christina is one of the most impressive team members since she has an agent while still being in high school, and is also an amazing writer. She has a sharp instinct for writing skills and is also incredibly sweet and friendly, with plenty of book fandom knowledge. If you got this answer, you are an interesting, quirky, and talented young writer who loves books.

MOSTLY H'S- Creative Consultant Brett Jonas
You're one of Ch1Con's creative consultants, Brett Jonas! Brett is a sweet, kind young writer who loves torturing her characters and taking care of baby goats. She has a big heart and a drive to write more than is humanly possible. If you got this answer, you are full of love and writing talent, and you probably love cute animals.

OK! Whew! That took forever, I assume, considering I made so many questions. I hope it turned out well and I hope you guys all like it! And that it wasn't too complicated, haha.
Remember again to PLEASE check out Ch1Con's website and social media accounts, especially if you're a young writer or you know a young writer. And register for Ch1Con 2016! It's going to be amazing!

Thank you for reading, and ideally I will see you next week,

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  1. What a fun quiz! Turns out I'm Christina Li (I answered G five and a half times). It's great how you included so many questions :)