Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Ideal Literary Themed Party

Hey, so, sorry about not posting yesterday. I have no excuse. Anyway. So I had a bunch of new experiences this week, but they were all kind of little. However, they all seemed to fit one of two themes: something literary, or a party. Or both! I went to the release party for a literary magazine on my campus (with free pizza!), a poetry reading where I performed, and I went for about five minutes to my Roaring Twenties themed spring formal and stole some food. Fun.

So it got me thinking about what sort of literary-themed party I would throw if I could throw one. The free pizza of the release party was good. The people paying attention to me of the poetry reading was good. The cool theme and costumes of the spring formal was good. What else would I have at my ideal literary themed party?

Obviously, the most important part of any event or gathering of any sort is the food. I mean, if there's no food, why did people even show up? I think necessary food would of course be free pizza, probably because I'm in an environment (college) where free pizza is always the payment for showing up to things. But also:

-A book cake!

Something cute like this, that probably tastes like fondant and is kinda gross. The point isn't to eat cake, it's to have a book cake and everyone to go "ooh ahh how did you make that."
-An actual flavorful dessert pastry, like brownies or eclairs or something
I always wanted to have butterbeer and it's kinda literary themed, because it's from a book.
-Various savory snacks, like bowls of chips or whatever. Maybe a fancy cheese plate. And make sure that it's readily reachable from the place where everyone's hanging out. Or maybe, one that's readily reachable from the place where everyone is, and then one on a side table. That way, you can have snacks whether you're part of the crowd or you're skulking off to the side.
So of course, I'm not just going to have everyone hang around, because then we have to socialize. Gross. Instead, we'll have coordinated literary themed activities to prevent any actual talking.
-Literary themed Cards Against Humanity. With a good mix of popular YA books and classics. That would be fun. That would be the icebreaker, I think.
-Jeopardy-style book trivia. Nothing better than a bunch of quiet book nerds suddenly becoming viciously competitive to prove who knows the most book facts. Not that I'm like that, of course.
-Crafts! I love crafts. And they require no talking. We can make bookmarks, book jackets, whatever.
-An open mic reading at the end of the night so that everyone who's not a writer can leave and everyone who is a writer can fulfill their dreams of stardom.
I don't really think decorations are all that necessary for fun, but they would make everything seem fancy and literary. So of course, the entire party would take place in an adorable reading nook type place, with tea brewing in the background. Not for drinking, for the tea smell. Unless you want to drink it, I guess.
-Some sort of super cool book art, like this:
And before you start on "how could someone destroy a book" who cares. It's paper. There's probably another copy of this book somewhere anyway. This art looks super cool, OK?
-Cushy chairs. Nobody wants to stand around or sit on some couch that they're afraid to spill food on.
-Hogwarts house flags (this would be a lowkey Harry Potter supremacy kind of literary party)
Music is great because it interrupts people's conversations and then they forget what they were talking about and then you can escape talking to them. On my playlist for this party I'd probably have:
-AVPM songs, because Harry Potter
-Lovely classical music, I guess, for the times when we have to focus on something
-The Paper Kites, which is my favorite band so I'm going to force everyone to listen to all of their songs. Not super literary, but one of their songs is actually about The Picture of Dorian Gray, so there's that. (At least, I think it is. Somebody said it was in a YouTube comment once.)
I'm not sure what else you're supposed to plan for a party, but I think this stuff already sounds pretty great. What would you have at a literary themed party if you planned one? If anyone's still reading this blog. :)
Thanks for reading! Sorry this was a day late. I'd say it's because I was so busy doing my French final paper, but actually, I haven't even started it yet. *cue tears of extreme stress*
See you Wednesday,

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  1. Every single activity you describe involves verbal interaction. Fail.
    Also, you forgot nachos and garlic knots from Rustica; how could you?