Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Procrastinate from Studying (Or Celebrate Being Done)

All around the country right now, college students are in the middle of finals week, and high school students are in the middle of AP exams. Of course, we're nearing the end of it all. For me, it is not finals week, because my school doesn't have exams. However, we have an equally stressful period of time called conference week where we finish all our giant research papers of the semester. I just finished my last one this morning, and although I still have a 2-page essay that my French teacher thought it was a good idea to assign, I'm basically celebrating being done.

So, for those of you who need an excuse not to study, or those of you celebrating being done with exams/papers/the school year, I've compiled a list of links and stuff to waste time on. I spent a good deal of the last two weeks avoiding my responsibilities on the Internet, so I have plenty of stuff to do, mostly gathered from Tumblr.

First off, look at this Vine, which I decided was THE CURE OF ALL STRESS for some reason at 1 am a few days ago:

Next, read the Evil Overlord List which is an ancient Internet relic of the 90s but is still very hilarious and relevant. The link didn't work on my laptop but I'm sure that's because my laptop is just kinda picky so hopefully it'll work for you.

And now this amazing Tumblr post about being Arthur Weasley's son in law which I tried to embed but it didn't work :( so just follow the link.

And this video which made me die of laughter, where a bird laughs like a supervillain:

And finally, end by appreciating this Romione fanart by Tumblr user tlpursuit:



Bleh, I tried.

I love your trying, dear. Those freckles are fantastic. The hair and brain scars are spot on and the height difference is fantastic.

I know that's not a lot but I overestimated how much non-fandom stuff I see online (Harry Potter doesn't count; Harry Potter is the default fandom). Anyway you should be studying or, I don't know, sleeping. I should be sleeping, actually. Or packing. My last day of freshman year is tomorrow!

All right, thanks for reading. I'll see you on Saturday,

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  1. That evil overlord thing did not work for me either, so I cannot waste time properly. Now what?