Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sleepovers: Expectations vs. Reality (Collab with Rachel)

Hello, my few readers! So my new experience this week is still happening right now. I'm at a sleepover at my best friend Rachel's house. HELLO! I am Rachel... her best friend... this is my house...I am writing in italics... and taking over the blog... mwahhhahha (evil laughter). Back to you Ariel.

OK, so as you can see from that, she's going to be tagging along on this blog post and putting her commentary and stuff in italics. Now, obviously, I have been on sleepovers in my life before, but I don't think I've ever been on a two-day sleepover to someone's house, so I guess that counts as a new experience. Also attempting to write a blog while I keep stealing the computer, that's a new experience too. Yes. That is an interesting new experience. I hope she keeps getting various texts so that I can get a few words in while she texts people.

Anyway. So the post I thought of (while she deciphered a math problem her brother insisted that she solve) was Sleepovers: Expectations vs. Reality. That's a thing people do on the Internet, right... expectations vs. reality. And our sleepover was kinda weird so I thought this would be funny. Weird is a very nice way of putting it I would probably go with absurdly bizarre. I mean its not like either of us are normal and its not like we are more normal when we are together.

Sleepovers: Expectations vs. Reality

Expectation: Watching movies and eating popcorn
Reality: Not watching movies, eating a huge bag of popcorn while lamenting everything in our lives, then eating a bunch of other stuff. And then eating some more stuff. But it's not like we are DONE eating, okay? OKAY!

Expectation: Doing each other's nails and hair and stuff
Reality: Rachel tries on a shirt she found randomly, turns half her purse into a belt; I continue to turn the blanket into a personal cocoon. Eventually we put on normal clothes, we did... it was less fun than the  made up outfits?!? 

Expectation: Staying up late to tell secrets and talk about boys
Reality: Staying up late enough that my sentences begin to sound like "very like cat... I mean... words! ugh. You know. I hate words?" and then Rachel plays the guitar for a while. And then maybe sleep? No first I read random excerpts from "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" then sleep. True.

Expectation: Laughing at old memories of our middle school selves.
Reality: OK, that one's pretty accurate, except with the addition of looking through our old poetry and old writing in general. (And a folder she had on her laptop with pictures of glittery quotes about friendship... they were amazingly bad... it was beautiful) There were also Harry Potter related photos and quotes because I love Harry Potter and Alan Rickman. Also when she says we read our old poetry she forgot to mention how truly dreadfully dramatic I was in middle school and how painful some of it was to read. <3 There were a lot of <3s in the middle school stage. "A true friend will stay with you when they are gone" <3

Expectation: Waking up fairly early after very little sleep and making pancakes or waffles.
Reality: Waking up super late after an absurd amount of sleep and eating croissants with jam, and then making guacamole. But then! I made a whole bunch of fancy appetizer dishes like it was a party. But the best kind of party- barely any people. So we had lots of extra food... that we ate. Because food is best when eaten by ME.

Expectation: Plenty of activities to take up time, like pillow fights or watching TV.
Reality: Spending an hour dramatically draping ourselves on the stairs and saying "woe is me" and "life is tragedy" and then naming all the paintings in the house with ridiculously pretentious art names. Like "Consumerism" when the painting is of not consumerism. Also woe is me!

Expectation: Talking about frivolous things like... oh I don't know... celebrity lives.
Reality: Talking about ridiculous things like WHAT THE PARALLEL OF A CLOCK HAND IS OR WHATEVER THAT WAS. Do not mention that Ariel! Do you WANT to traumatize your readers? OK, or... analyzing Draco Malfoy's entire life, or Dadaism as an art movement (or lack of movement), or basically just making random noises. Or trying to figure out exactly what summer wind feels like. I say it feels like a warm blanket hugging you! Sure, OK.

Also its ten o'clock do I know where my parents are? Not Really!
Anyway, so yes, we are fairly weird. Again more than just weird! We are like seizure inducingly odd. There was also plenty of (not amazing) singing. My singing was particularly poor but my guitar playing was awesome or not. (The guitar playing was good. The singing... well... tolerable?) And hiding under blankets occupied much of my time. But it was fun.

Thanks for reading! See you on Wednesday,
Rachel Ariel

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  1. did not specify what SORT of fancy appetizers. How are we to drool jealously over the keyboard?