Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What Sort of Blog Posts Should I Do?

Hey, so, yep, skipped the blog posts for the last two weeks and now that I have returned I'm putting up this post at like, the extremely last second. Sorry about that.

One of the reasons (besides just being lazy and terrible) that I skip posts is because I am just clueless about what to write. Not that I don't have ideas, but I'm never sure if the ideas are good enough. I know that not too many people read this blog regularly (hi, Mom!) but it would be nice to make sure you guys aren't suffering too badly reading this, and maybe draw in some other readers.

So, I was thinking of making a sort of little catalogue of the different types of posts I do, and it would be great if you guys want to offer some feedback? As in, which ones are your favorites or which ones you want to see less of? (I know the comments section on here isn't easy to operate, so you can tell me in person or comment on Facebook or reply on Twitter if you want). Even if not, I guess this will be a fun sort of housekeeping post.

I suspect that my best-liked posts are the funny listicles that keep it short, and the food ones. I do not have that much humor in me, though, guys. Sometimes I try to be funny and it's a disaster and you don't want to see that.

Anyway. Types of posts I have. Let's go.

Writing Advice Posts
These generally come in the form of lists with big long paragraphs of advice. I draw from my own experience and stuff I've heard online/in my classes, and just preach about writing. Sometimes I have a long rant but it's usually list-form about specific ideas.

Recent examples: How to Write Good Beginnings, Some Actually Useful Character Questions, How to Transition from "I'm Writing a Novel" to "I Wrote a Novel"

Funny Lists
These often take a Buzzfeed listicle format. I present a topic and write sarcastic, exaggerated examples that fit that topic and make some jokes. Occasionally, when possible, I add gifs. Additionally, sometimes these lists are about food.

Recent examples: 14 Minor Differences Between Things in the Life of a Writer, Ten Things That Happen on Young Writers' Forums, Ten Foods I Want to Eat Now

Collections of Fun Links
I present to you the gifts the Internet has given me recently. Often these have a theme of "funny things" or "stuff to calm you down or cheer you up."

Recent examples: Ten Happy Things I Saw Recently on the Internet, The Ultimate List of Ways to Waste Time on the Internet

Scrapbooks in Art
I take a natural phenomenon- wind, rain, etc- and find poems, artworks, music, videos, stories, and other works of art that remind me of it or that fit that topic. I usually include one of my own poems.

Recent examples: Wind: a Little Scrapbook in Art, Autumn: a Little Scrapbook in Art 

Book Reviews
Pretty straightforward. A list of all the books I've read recently with miniature reviews and recommendations underneath.

Recent examples: Book Reviews 2015, Part Four 

Embarrassing Journal Excerpts
One of my personal favorites, I find old journals or notebooks I wrote in during middle or high school and look for the most embarrassingly bad excerpts. Then I share them here so you can all laugh at me together.

Recent examples: My Hilariously Embarrassing Old Journal Excerpts, Amusing Excerpts from My Old Notebooks

Personality Quizzes
I've only done one of these, but I'm planning to do more. Basically just a fun personality quiz.

Recent examples: Which Type of Pizza Are You?

Poetic Reflection Posts
Long-form personal essays about my life or about nature, and other thoughts. Sometimes with poetry interspersed. Very personal and philosophical.

Recent examples: On Change with Poetry, The Essence of Summer, Spring and Other Happy Things

Miscellaneous Life Ideas
Where I take an idea unrelated to writing and talk a bit about it, maybe offering some fun ideas for your own experiences or just talk. Sometimes funny, sometimes semi-serious.

Recent examples: Ultimate Bucket List for Fall, How to Eat Healthy- by Someone Who Has No Knowledge of that Concept

General Talks About My Life and Personality
I talk about myself, but in ways that I hope are maybe relatable to others. This is often (I hope) funny, or touches upon my writing experiences.

Recent examples: If My Life Was a Novel, Rain in My Poetry

Specific Talks About My Recent Life
Usually happens when I don't know what to write about. I just ramble on about my recent life. I suspect these are not the best posts, haha. Although, sometimes it is about a good experience like Ch1Con that I'd hope you'd want to hear about.

Recent examples: Me Complaining, Interspersed with Cute Animals , Ch1Con Recap

Creative Writing Showcases
I often publish poetry I've recently written or show off my recently written short stories. Sometimes with backstories or explanations.

Recent examples: Fall Semester Poetry, Short Story Showcase: "Gone"

Well, I hope that covers everything, because I think I am staying up a bit too late to post this. Sorry again! Please if you can let me know somewhere which of these you'd like to see more of and which less.
Thank you,

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  1. I find most of what you write interesting (being your moooooom and all) but I enjoy the food ones and the funny ones the most. I love the ones where you share your work (like poems, past and present) and your likes and dislikes. I don't really care for links posts ("I don't care about butterfly...") or the book reviews (not sure why, they're well written. Just a personality quirk). Not being a writer myself, my opinion probably doesn't carry much weight but I think some of your best posts are the ones where you offer advice and insights about the process of writing. I think these are the most useful for young writers and you write them very well (i.e. not boring, even for the layman). I don't really relate to the 'mood' posts (art showcase, for example) but that's because I am not a great art person. They are certainly well written and very well done.
    On the whole, I enjoy the most the ones where you talk about any aspect of yourself. But that is too cliche for words, isn't it?
    Also, I don't know why you think you're not funny.